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tv   All In With Chris Hayes  MSNBC  January 20, 2015 12:00am-1:01am PST

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"all in" with chris hayes starts now. tonight on "all in." >> ready to go? >> ready to go. >> the president throwing down the gaunt lant with the republicans. >> under president obama, the rich are getting richer, income e inequality has gotten work. tonight the fight over economic equality. >> if they want to live their life like the middle east, they can go back to the middle east. >> the latest on backlash on muslims in texas and north carolina. on mlk day, why one high school principal won't let his students see "selma." >> that's the last of my worries, that's -- i don't even respond to stuff like this.
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good evening. tomorrow light, president obama will address the nation ontist sixth state of the union address. he comes in with surprising strength considering where he came from just a few months ago. >> it was a rejection based on what voters were saying. >> your party rejected you in these midterms. they did not want you on the campaign trail. >> this is a rejection of -- >> it was a rejection of president obama and his policy. >> voters not only repudiated his policies and they rebuked him for his antagonistic rhetoric and his usually incompetent governance. he jumped up nine points in just the last month. and he is coming off of a series of increasingly aggressive policy moves. from his game changing climate
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deal with china, to diplomatic breakthrough with cuba beginning to unwind five decades of policy. all of which are meat with a little confusion from the g.o.p., an imbolden president. it includes expanded broadband access and two years of free community college. and we're witnessing a shift in the presidency. compare his numbers with bush's numbers at this time. >> you may be witnessing history here -- >> making up a in a full 24 hours is called reaganing.
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>> gas is the cheapest in six years. unemployment down to 5.6%, and the economy growing at the strongest rate in 11 years. wage stagnation, income inequality, issues that play directly to the strengths of the political left. mitt romney is remagsing himself as a champion of what many would consider conservative values. >> rich have gotten richer, and income inequality is worse than ever. >> the centerpiece of president obama's state of the union address will be raise taxes on wealthy and finance cuts for middle class families. it is a sufficient bet that the
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white house is not counting on the proposal getting very far. but you can bet they will make it as politically painful as possible for gop lawmakers to vote against the middle class and in favor of the trust funders. joining me now is the man i always go to for all of my tax questions. walk me through this proposal and your understanding of the kind of policy and politics of it. >> well this is a proposal that with one exception the republicans should be thrilled about. this is pro work, pro family, pro saving, pro education, it blocked an 11% tax increase for people that work full time at the minimum wage, and it simplifies the tax code. the taxpayer advocate, the ira official whose job republicans
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created 17 years ago called for again and begin how we deal with child tax creates. except for that the top one-half of one percent would have to pay capital gains at the ronald reagan rate of 28%, and trust funders would not be able to escape taxation on the money they inherit. we're talking tens of millions and billions of dollars. what's not to like from the republican point of view? but they are attacking all of it. >> there is a lot of interesting things. it increases the child tax credit, right? >> it simplifies it and gives a $3,000 for children off u under 5 who are the most expensive to take care of and it's not refundable. it doesn't had to the benefits
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you get, it's only for people already paying income tax. >> here is where i see this going. you say republicans should like everything about it ideologically and trust fund wise. the obvious deal is to do the cuts without the pay for, and throw out the deficit that we have had for four years and i wonder if we will see that is the deal. >> from obama's point of view, he put the republicans in the voice of being are you with main street and middle class families or are you looking forward to the 2016 collection. this is brilliant. for the republicans, the smartest thing they could do is strip out the restrictions and give it to the president and say veto it. >> then they have the problem right that it is not deficit
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neutral, but who cares any more. are we coming out of the period that is the post 2010 politics to now that have been so dominated by austerity, focus on the balance sheet, you wonder if this marks the break of that. >> well i think so and i think we're back to a point where when obama leaves office, the deficit, we'll have a surplus when he leaves with the rate of growth that we're growing now. the debt will be a significant issue, but the deficit will not be growing. remember what dick cheney said a long time ago. deficits don't matter. >> and that, it is funny how the republicans learn that and democrats haven't. do you think also that this is the opening in a more extended tax renegotiation? is that where this is going to go?
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>> we have yet to see that. they have been calling for tax reform since the tax reform act in 1964. i'm personally drafting a new tax code. i want to get rid of 5,000 pages. and it would change and simplify our tax system. the tax code is only that long because of all of the favors for very high income people. the top half of 1% starts at a half million. they would pay 28% capital gains. this is focused on the top tenth of 1%. but that's the crucial group. are they with them or with the american people. more than half of republicans
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believe if you get over a $1 million a year your tax rate on the next dollar should be 50%. >> david kay johnson, thank you. if you were wondering what mitt romney 3.0 would look like, turns out it is the opposite of romney 2.0. >> it is a human tragedy that the middle class in this nation don't believe the future will be brighter than the past. we have not seen rising incomes over decades. the american people are struggling to make ends meet and so our policies are designed to help create economic growth and to help get rising wages. people want to see rising wages and they deserve them. >> joining me is michael steele. i'm fascinated by what's happening.
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>> you and me both. >> romney before this campaign, it's like he will be with occupy wall street. no, it just seems for some reason, i can't quite figure out if it was the last jobs data we got from the bureau of labor statistics where all of the sudden the consensus on both parties is that the main economic issue is wage stagnation. the fact that people have not seen a raise, all of this good economic news is not being realized in people's paychecks, and now it has become the focus. am i right about that? >> yes, lefties like yourself and conservatives like myself going back to the days of a jack kemp. so now, after this clear shift in the economy, it is more
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glaringly true that we have this gap between the wealthiest and the poor are in a whole nother plane of concern. if you get in a rom and start talking tax reform, this is reform that will be designed not by the poor and the middle class, but reform designed by washington lobbyists and special interests. that will be the real test of all of this rhetoric, i think. >> first of all, amen. second of all, you have to put these two stories together. and look, barack obama, right, he has been the president during this period of time. i thought the place he was most vulnerable in 2012 was an economic attack based on these issues. the last person that could
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attack that was mitt romney. the thing that he was most vulnerable on, this aspect of it, mitt romney could not take. it's those people that want tax cuts for the rich, right? so whatever your message is, the polling or the focus group, you're going to talk to your donors and they will want tax cuts for the rich. it's just what they want. >> i don't know if it's in those terms, but it centers around the capital gains tax. the president is proposing a raise from 25% to 28%. and that is the reagan era rate. there is consequences to that and that will be an important aspect of the debate. for me, my concern is how does the party, candidates running for president, talk about these and frame these arguments.
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and i think that is where this credibility gap needs to be going quickly. >> it is fascinating to watch the field start to figure out what essentially republican rhetoric on income inequality, and middle class wage growth, what that sounds like. >> we're watching the president find, he is freed up now, he has 18 months, two years in office. he is finding his swag and he is beginning to assert it. what is the republican conservative swag on these types of issues and how do they frame the argue and how do they make the case to the american people that there are consequences from what the president is says but we have solutions and here they are. you just can't go into this discussion after tomorrow
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night's state of the union talk about how bad a tax increase is. >> michael steele, a man who always brings his swag, thank you. >> join msnbc tomorrow night for our special coverage of the state of the union address. we want to know what you think on the twitter machine. bobby jindal went to london for the purpose of reviving a falsehood. the roll just disappeared. i knew i should've bought bounty bounty is 2x more absorbent and strong when wet. just look how much longer bounty lasts versus one of those bargain brand towels. and that's a good deal. bounty. the long lasting picker upper and now try new bounty nfl prints. available at walmart.
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to the extent that you can bring up a purpose for beauty pageants, you could say its good to have people from p different areas meet each other. over the weekend, a miss universe selfie just about became an international incident. miss israel is alongside miss
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lebanon. now those two countries have been enemies since the formation of israel, and they're demanding that she be stripped of her stit -- title from mingling with the citizen. i was having a photo with miss. >> james: man, miss slovenia. suddenly miss israel jumped in and took a photo. she hopes for change and peace between the countries.
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today bobby jindal is defending comments he made in london about no-go zones in europe. >> speaking the truth. we will make people upset even today in "the daily mail" a local police chief admitted there is no-go zones in london. >> i said so-called no-go zones. pretending it is not here will not make it go away. >> there are zones in the u.k. called no-go zones where cops will not go into the neighborhood because they're heavily muslim and they let them
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do their thing. >> they let them separate and do their no-go zones. >> these incredible no-go zones. >> the no-go zones. >> megan, there are 751 no-go zones. >> 751 no-go zones. >> there's no no-go zones. >> the small no-go zones. >> that's the no-go zone? of course fox news has since apologized for it's coverage. >> a correction now over the course of this last week we made some regrettable errors on air regarding the muslim population in europe particularly with regard to england and france. this applies especially to discussions of no-go zones. areas where nonhusband limited are allegedly not allowed in.
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to be clear there is no formal designation of these zones in either country and no credible information to assert that there are areas in these countries that exclude individuals based solely on their religion. >> we deeply regret these areas and apologize to the people of birmingham, viewers, and all who were offended. >> so we're sorry there was no evidence about what we have talked about for two straight weeks. but talking about it speaks to a type of fear and anxiety. one that can become you thinkly. that happened in texas. people held signs that said go home and take obama. they are fighting negative depictions of their faith.
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>> you're not welcome here. >> on both sides of the street, are protest and counter protest. >> we're here to stand up for the american way of life from a faction of people that are trying to destroy it. if they want to live their life like the middle east go back to the middle east. >> fears that were displayed in texas this weekend had similar reactions when they canceled a islamic prayer. on friday, hundreds of people gathered outside of the chapel to support the school's muslim students. joining me now is the director of the duke islamic study center at duke university. professor, how did this blow up like it did.
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this is a small change happening on a campus once a week. whoever thought about doing it thought it was not a particularly controversial thing to do. >> right, thank you chris. this started last semester when the office of religious life at duke which oversees the religious life of all students, all religions, issued a call to prayer to us to have it go out once a week. they toll the church bell every single day and twice on sunday. so this was a way of honoring the 700 muslim members and celebrating the very vibrant community that we have at duke. >> so what happened? walk me through how that idea, that sounds like a good idea became this. >> so duke became have very great international community.
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700, as i said, are muslims. on tuesday last week the chapel announced this news. the reaction on duke was extraordinarily warm an positive. on thursday, reverend franklin graham issued some comments on his facebook page, hundreds of thousands of shares and likes later we started received death threats at the muslim community and grumbling from inside and outside of the university and unfortunately the university caved in. >> so franklin graham took this on as a campaign. it was heavily covered, i guess as a example of encroachment into a beloved american institution and the university caved in and they say they had specific security threats, essentially. >> and there were, threats came
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in against the community. but for those of us that love this institution, the way you respond to threat is by beefing up the security and protecting your community, not by buckling under the pressure. i think many of us would have liked to have seen this as a moment to stand up boldly and proclaim that we are a rich and vibrant community and our pluralism will not be shaken so easily. >> there is more than a little irony that several weeks after the horrible massacre this happened when many people thought the lesson of that tragedy is you just cannot allow violence to be what intimidates people out out of exercising their speech rights in a liberal democracy. that can't be the trump card that you don't do certain things because you're afraid of violence. we have a university not doing
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-- not engaging in some expressive speech because they fear violence. >> and all of this happens on thursday, the actual birthday of dr. king, and the weekend that we celebrate him, and he teaches us that you learn about people by the way they respond to catastrophe and challenge. i think these are trying times at duke and the community, and the question is what will we be made up of and what values do we want to embed in our communities. >> high school students screening the movie "selma" for martin luther king day.
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today on "all in" a new feature. advice columns that explain the news. this was the dear abbey letter i imagine seeing in the newspaper. seems like someone is really in a pickle. it is signed flummoxed. i need your advice on major drama happening recently. there is a guy i know, barry, he accuses kim of of hacking into a computer owned by tony pictures. needless to same, tony was super
12:31 am
embarrassed when if went down because like all of his gnarly e-mails were exposed. he liked to talk a lot of smack about people and it was a scene. when barry blamed kim, people were like okay, what kind of proof does he have. kim is not the most sophisticated guy so it could have been anyone. it was starting to drive me nuts because i knew it was kim because i have been hacking kim's computer reading his e-mails for years. so i told someone. kim did it and i know it for sure because i already hacked kim. so like the whole world knows that i was snooping around kim's
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current and that's how barry knew that kim was spying on stoney. barry is not thrilled this got out, but i want to prove to the haters that time was up to no good. dear flummoxed, wow, have you considered leaking your story to the "new york times"?
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if you're watching in arkansas, mississippi, and alabama, i want to take this time to wish you formally a happy robert e. lee day. they celebrate martin luther kij jr., the civil rights icon, and general robert e. lee who is the opposite of a civil rights advocate. he gets first billing on the state's calendar is part of some of the most iconic drajties. he helped lead the montgomery boycott. this is where the selma march for voting rights took price nine years later.
12:36 am
beating those protestors took at the hands of state troopers and local law enforcement, broadcast around to the country known as ploody sunday. some of the cast of sshs elma recreated that march yesterday making their way on to the famous bridge. many people in selma were excited to pay tribute to the history of selma, a alabama superintendent shut down a high school's question to see the film last week because it had profanity and derogatory references to african-americans. he said i'm eliminating the decision to use taxpayer money to see something with filthy language. one parent thinks there is more to it.
12:37 am
>> it raises my curiosity as to whether there is something that they are not wanting exposed, or the children not to know about. i don't belief it is just about the profanity. >> hundreds of thousands of other students got to see the oscar nominated film for free. it started by african-american business leaders and it spread to students that only had to show their student i.d. or report card to get free movie tickets. about two dozen cities participated in hashtag selma for students. joining me now is trymaine lee. it is amazing to me the kind of movement, it that is the right word, or cultural force grown up around this film that feels much bigger.
12:38 am
>> happy robert e. lee day. >> so when i talk to some of these business executives, men and women, 27 in all who were like the orange founders around a new years eve party where they were talking about what they could do. it seems like it was organic given the times they're in that they try to give young people an opportunity to connect to what is going on now to those struggling in the past. when you talk to these young students they see the connection. they attack mostly black protestors and they see ferguson, missouri, and sometimes here after the decision not to indict the officer. the connection is clear that the fight is continuing to struggle.
12:39 am
>> i want to play some of the -- you talked to some students that got to see selma free, let's see what they had to say. >> when they were beating on a woman in the film, i could not breathe. >> do you see a connection between selma to now? >> yeah, i'm thinking that everything is resonating now and it brings more mistire to everyone that watches it now. >> it was so striking when you see the film how much the focus actually, as a strategic and tactical matter by mlk in the film, is on the police response. that is what direct action is was about. it was heightenning the tension with these encounters with police. we spent all of that time in ferguson. no doubt martin luther king jr. was a peaceful man.
12:40 am
we're not using violence, but we'll use your violence against us to expose what is happening here. we forget as the years go by, his narrative, that he was a very radical man. especially in that time, and people thought he was a dangerous man, mobilizing those people, his activity in the poor people's campaign. he was essentially a revolutionary that believed in nonviolence. >> he also believed in, and you see it today, protests around the country today, reclaiming mlk day in disruption. i see people look at protests that happen around police violence. sometimes they just stop traffic. what is the ask here, what is the strategy. it is also true that much of that activism is bestowed in the mirror is also about disruption. and one of the things out of ferguson is where they're going into sunday and saturday afternoons disrupting brunch.
12:41 am
>> the reading of the names of people, of black men and women -- >> if you're uncomfortable now, imagine what young black people are doing on the streets, being gunned down with no accountability from the police it's in the back of everyone's mind when you turn around. >> a lot of people are posting a letter. a lot of information from martin luther king's theory of nonviolent action. and i would ask everyone to read the letter he was responding to that was a bunch of write clergy saying look, we agree with you, but don't cause trouble and we'll get there slowly, and it is incredible how much that sounds familiar today as well. >> when king said that, welcoming men towards justice,
12:42 am
they had been bending very slowly. the young people say now is the time, now is the time. no time to be patient and sit back and wait. the system did not deliver any peace and calm yet. >> and we should also talk about what dr. king had to say about white moderates in his day, too. if you want to watch trymaine's full report, check it out on last night at the new england patriots, as they crushed the colts, today deflate gate clouded the picture.
12:43 am
the seattle sea hawks, we sham overcome. all of which you could have easily have missed because it was taken down. later the seahawks posted this, we apologize for poor judgment. we should not compare football
12:44 am
to the civil rights legacy of dr. king. let me say something mlk day and social media are a tricky combination.
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i would. switch to comcast business and get the fastest wifi with the most coverage. comcast business. built for business. >> yesterday something like 50 million americans watched what was the most exciting final act football game i have ever seen with the seattle seahawks pulling off an incredible comeback against the green bay packers in the nfc championship game. a fake field goal that resulted in a touchdown, and an insane two-point conversion that culminated. my twitter feed exploded with people expressing some variation of i can't f-ing believe this. every seahawks fan was exstatic as the comeback was taking back also after the game.
12:47 am
fans that left the stadium early and then could not get back in when the comeback was on. note that no reentry sign. the second nfl game yesterday was not nearly as exciting with the patriots crushing the colts 45-7. the nfl confirmed today it is looking into reports that the patriots used deflated footballs to get an advantage in the wet and chilly condition. each team uses their own balls when on offense. they must be inflated within a range of 12.5 or 13.5 pounds per square inch.
12:48 am
one of the patriots balls was taken off of the field. and the patriots under head coach bill belichick may have been using under inflated balls. they said they will cooperate fully with any investigation. tom brady said it was ridiculous when he was asked about it this morning. >> did you get the sense that you were able to grip the ball better than the colts last night? would you care to weigh in on that? >> i think i heard it all at this point. oh, god. that's the last of my worries. that's -- yeah. i don't even respond to stuff like this. >> interesting, of course. there is something of a reputation with belichick being fines $500,000 and the team will forfeit a first round draft pick.
12:49 am
when we come back on this show tonight, we're going to resolve the question. the patriots, a broud dynasty, are they shameless cheaters whose actions violate all that is decent and true.
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joining me now maggie gray, and mike pasco.
12:53 am
first of all, let's go through why one would do this. i have a fully inflated football which is a little harder to grip than this not fully inflated football, but you can't tell. is there a precedent for this. >> yes, at usc, lane kiffin was blamed for deplaiting balls and it turned out to be true. that's when officials start marking the balls specifically for games. they use other ones for field goals, kickoffs, and nobody from the teams is supposed to touch these footballs inside that two-and-a-half hour window. >> did belichick just use the force. >> i'm just saying this is like -- this is just so that i don't have to hold by -- i would believe anything about the patriots. anything. if you told me they had a plan to like tonia harding the
12:54 am
seattle secondary, i would believe that. if bill belichick was ever had a twinkle -- >> you don't believe it? >> no, there was one reporter with one source, and i think there might have been confusion about the k ball, the kicker ball. the reason the kicker balls did are from something that the seahawks did a couple years ago. if you look at the relationship of gas and temperature, a gold day can deflate the ball a little. if they were just inflated to like 12.5, it could go below because of the weather.
12:55 am
why would brady want deferent balls in different games. you would think he would want consistency. >> you saw the driving rain that only got worse and worse, and just note it could be because the colts are not a good team, but how many balls did they drop? i'm not going to say that is the smoking gun, but -- >> we only talk about this because of belichick's persona, spygate, and the semicontroversy with the reigns about who was eligible. it is what is maddening about the patriots. it's like a tax lawyer that finds a really good loophole. you come here and it's like no, they say that's the law, i'm not breaking the law. >> and they only do it for the
12:56 am
super super rich. >> we don't do that, it was clearly within the rules, maybe you change the rules. he is a genius. if he wasn't such a jerk, we could say he is outthinking everyone in the nfl. >> but the ineligible receive were that is just from the play book. he gets to benefit of the doubt because of spy gate. >> here is someone that is sort of speaking of this guy and the past dynasty, it is the insane psychological obsession with winning, and it is unbelievable drive that he and brady have. because of spy gate, he is thinking of many ways to get an edge. some might be illegal. it seems plausible because it is belichick. >> and some players like to put the screws to the patriots. it took miracle catches for them to get beat, it's not like they
12:57 am
were blown out. >> that first game to me was why the nfl, having the horrible year they had from a p.r. and moral perspective is still in the money. there is nothing left in this era of bulkenized. everyone i knew was watching that game and there is something great. there is something great about watching something together. >> and the collegetive experience, if you miss the golden gloves, watch it on tshs ivo. >> the award shows i feel like are one of the other things -- >> you will get spoiled if ewe not watching it live. >> let's be honest, it really is the last -- when you think about sometimes we overstate the sort of cathardic, it is a collective being together.
12:58 am
for how much time we spend on screens in front of you, this is something real. >> and there is a smaller universe of cultural production that you can talk to everyone about. it feels like more and there is just nothing else like that and that game was unfreaking believable. the most incredible ending to a game -- i can't imagine -- >> and the amazing thing about it, and to what you were saying, it was a terrible game with a fantastic ending. it wasn't well played. there was all of these interceptions, muffs, but when it ends so well -- >> it was a garbage game for three-and-a-half quarters. >> and there is a hero narrative. he is now in line to wip his second super bowl in three years in the league.
12:59 am
>> yeah, and the way they play, it stands out to me as the most insane. >> i think seattle will win by a point. >> i will go pats. >> even vegas can't decide. >> that is all for this evening. i know what side of the pats discussion you're on. >> it's like blah blah blah gronkowski, that's all i can hear. blah blah blah. in 1933, bobby jones, a legendary golfer cofound augusta national.
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it is one of the most famous courses in the country. by design, it was for whites only. augusta was not just whites only, they did not admit it's first black member until 1990. and after the 1950s, the rules of augusta national not only say that only white men could be members, it specified that all of the caddies at the club had to be black. clifford roberts said as long as i am alive, all of the golfer wills be white and all of the caddies will be black. augusta maintained a 100% white membership for more than in a decade after his death.


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